Armani Lounge Dubai - This is time to relax and to admire this Magnificent City

Dubai is a place surrounded by the magic and charm where it seems that everything can be achieved. It is impossibile describing Dubai whose name is known all over the world by this time. Dubai is the land of records, of architectural projects that defy nature, the place of luxury interpreted in every its nuance and here you can find yourself plunged in a different world where everything flows rapidly in a continuous and constant pursuit of technology, of city planning, of economic and population growth. The desire to constantly impress, everything here is amazing.

Here everything is possible and beautiful… The Jumeirah seaside, the sea, the hills, the mountains, the desert sand dunes, the natural riserve, the lush green parks, the exclusive golf corse, the huge shopping centers that I really love and a growing number of luxurious hotels.

Outfit:Zara shirt,Bershka pants,Mangano jacket,Chanel bag.

Outfit:Zara shirt,Bershka pants,Mangano jacket,Chanel bag.

An avant-garde and safe Country where you can choose the vacation that best suits your needs... but however to me the most evocative place remains the desert…… it fascinated me a lot……..

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