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Paris Photo 2018 - Stairs Obsession

ENGLISH EDITION - Paris Photo is the place that, more than any other in the world, defines the state of the art of photography, just like Art Basel does for contemporary art. It is the place where hundreds of art galleries meet, similar to a visual kasbah of paper and colours, where the primary business is to sell and buy printed photographs of every value and size. A place, in some ways unsettling and sublime at the same time, because the Grand Palais that collects them physically, is a true metaphysical journey into the world of perception, of contemporary photography and human spirit, much more like a walk within our brain that creates dreams similar to those that every day we do with our thoughts.


The Divine Comedy - Beyeler Museum Gala 2018

ENGLISH EDITION -With the arrival and passage of Halloween last month, I was reminded of the gala ceremony at the Beyeler Museum in Riehen near Basel, where I had a unique art experience in August. The Beyeler Foundation, which is one of the most beautiful museums of modern and contemporary art in the world, has been celebrating a gala evening for 8 years, during which works by contemporary artists are auctioned off and the proceeds donated to support the world-class exhibition programme that the Foundation celebrates throughout the year. 

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