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A boxing ring for a Laureus charity night - Zurich 2017

Audrey on Boxe ring stage of Laureus Charity Night 2017 - Switzerland - Outfit: Damiani Ring  - Gomitolo Collection , Chanel Bag 

Dubendorf hangar n9 in one way it’s such a special place for me, every time I arrive it gives me a warming welcome on sunset.A charming shadows, drawn by lights on the IWC airplane cockpit parked in front of the main hall gives to the place some overtime effects. This happen specially when all the Laureus Charity Night guests arrive, it’s like to be on a film set. Everytime it reminds me the movie Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.



Mother Russia - VI° Cultural Forum St.Petersburg

The ballet show of the Mariinsky Ballet 
ENGLISH EDITION - A lightning journey, decided at the last minute, to attend the official opening of the International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg, an "event / moment" in which the value of culture is narrated, deepened and gutted in all its forms.
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